Alan was born on the island of Réunion (French department) he started breaking at the age of 15. When he reached 19 years old he decided to move around Europe (France, Italy, Germany,England) to see the world. There he found various dance crews that he had the privilege of

dancing and working with ( Legiteam Obstruxion, vagabonds).

A few years after, Alan moved to the united states (New York city) in the mecca of hip hop to learn from the best (Rock steady crew) there he was fortunate enough to train and learn from a large pool of talented dancers. After learning other styles of dance as well, notably jazz, ballet, tap and hip hop choreography, Alan started working professionally as a dancer working for different tours, music videos, dance films, etc. (Madonna, step up 3d, Man in the mirror a Michael Jackson world tour tribute).

For the past 12 years Alan has been a dedicated instructor and mentor, developing young B-Boys and B-Girls in New York City but also around the states. Not only that but his extensive repertoire allows him to teach other styles that can better their breakdancing style as well.

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